5 ideas that PSL copied from IPL
Darren Sammy holding PSL trophy. (Photo Source: Twitter)

With the advent of T20 cricket, the cricketing community has been blessed with a new mode of entertainment. Such has been its impact that now each cricketing nation has its own T20 league. Among all of them, the most popular has to be the Indian Premier League which has been growing in stature with each passing year.

In simple terms, the IPL is the epitome of success and that’s why the other T20 leagues including PSL has been following its footsteps. By doing so the Pakistan Premier League has definitely become one of the most anticipated T20 events around the globe. However, even in the 5th edition, the PSL will introduce a couple of ideas that originated in the IPL.

Here is the list of 5 ideas that PSL copied from IPL:

1. Tournament format

PSL trophy
PSL trophy. (Photo Source: Twitter)

The IPL is always known for introducing innovative concepts. Be it the recently announced “Power Player Rule” or the now-defunct “Six Hitting Challenge”, the league is constantly trying to make the game more exciting for the viewers. Interestingly they have also experimented with the tournament format and the existing “Playoffs” is one such idea which has benefitted the participants and as well as the fans.

As per the current layout, the Top 2 teams at the end of group stages will get two opportunities to qualify for the finals. In particular, it aims at rewarding the consistency of teams. It also adds more zeal to the competition as the format paves the way for awe-inspiring comebacks. That’s why the concept has been adopted by most of the T20 leagues including PSL.

Unlike other leagues, PSL introduced the playoffs right from its first season. Immediately the format played an important role in the success of the league as Islamabad United made a dramatic comeback at the business end of the tournament to become the first PSL champions. Since then, the PSL has stuck to the format. So, it can be said that they have benefitted from using the tried and tested formula of IPL.

2. Merging film industry and cricket

PSL opening ceremony
PSL opening ceremony. (Photo Source: Twitter)

There is no doubt that when the Indian Premier League took its first flight the fans were amazed by the amalgamation of the cricket and the entertainment industry. Suddenly, the admirers of both the factions developed new interests and it seemed a match made in heaven. The cricketing action coupled with the glamour of the Bollywood suited perfectly for the Indian audience.

From opening ceremonies to advertisements, the league completely merged the game with the film industry. Such has been its impact that now the fans root for a particular team because of the Bollywood stars associated with the franchises. Most of the stars also feature in the IPL anthems which further proves that the fusion has worked wonders for the league.

Coincidentally, the PSL has also used the same model as the Pakistan film industry, Lollywood has shown immense support for the league. Each year new ambassadors are assigned to the teams to increase their fanbase. Moreover like the IPL, PSL also utilizes the star power of the country’s show biz in their anthems to attract the attention of the cricketing fraternity.

3. Awarding system

Green cap and Maroon cap
Green cap and Maroon cap. (Photo Source: Twitter)

The reason why IPL has emerged into one of the most celebrated cricket leagues is its ability to reward the fans as well as the involved cricketing talents. Here, the cricketers are given their due recognition for even a single moment of brilliance on the field. Even the youngsters are encouraged with special perks.

To be precise, the best batsman and best bowler of the tournament are awarded Orange Cap and Purple Cap respectively. Then, there is the “Emerging player of the year” award for the best young player of the tournament. Finally, there is also the “Fair Play award” given to the team which always plays the game in good spirits.

Similarly, the PSL honours the highest run-scorer and highest wicket-taker of the season with the Green Cap and Maroon Cap respectively. Besides, there is the Emerging player award for the best young talent of the tournament. And there is also the ” Spirit of Cricket ” award given to the most disciplined team of the season. In short, the PSL awards have a striking similarity with the IPL ones.

4. Dressing sense

Islamabad United
Islamabad United players celebrate a wicket. (Photo Source: Twitter)

One of the most exciting parts of any T20 league is the cultural value associated with it. Especially in the IPL where different types of outfits, background music, and cheerleading performances adds a new dimension to the event. Not only it represents the local flavour but it also defines the uniqueness of the tournament.

In IPL there are times when the cheerleaders are seen in the traditional outfits. The commentators also have a particular dress-code as they are seen in traditional attires in the playoffs. Surprisingly even the PSL has adopted the same approach.

On top of that like IPL, PSL franchises have also experimented with their team jerseys. As RCB became the first IPL team to unveil separate home and away kits now the PSL teams, Islamabad United and Peshawar Zalmi have also embraced the same tactics. So it is fair to say that the PSL has inspired from the dressing sense of the IPL.

5. Fan-parks

IPL fan park
IPL fan park. (Photo Source: Twitter)

There is no denying the fact the biggest strength of the Indian Premier League is its unparalleled fan-support. Throughout the tournament history, the fans have stood with the league in its ups and downs. In return, the country’s cricket admirers have always enjoyed the best cricketing action in the most unique ways.

Be it the VIP box or the Superfan contest, the fans are provided with multiple opportunities to see their stars in live-action. In addition to that, the IPL administration has also given equal importance to the fans who cannot make it to the ground. For them, there are fan-parks around the country where they can enjoy their stars on the big screens. The move has certainly popularized the sport in remote areas.

That’s why now even the PSL has decided to adopt such ideas to increase their fanbase. Most of the franchises consider it as the next big step for the growth of the league. Like the IPL fan-parks, it will also consist of giant screens. Moreover, there will be other entertainment modes to attract different sets of audiences.