Alex Hales had symptoms of Coronavirus and the tests are underway: Ramiz Raja
Alex Hales. (Photo Source: Twitter)

The Pakistan Super League (PSL) has been finally called off ahead of the semi-finals which were due to take place on Tuesday. The PCB had already condensed the tournament with the final to be played on March 18. But they had to call off with an ‘overseas player’ who had already left Pakistan developing symptoms in the last 24 hours according to PCB CEO Wasim Khan.

However, the overseas player is known to be England cricketer, Alex Hales who featured for the Karachi Kings in the tournament. The name was revealed by the former Pakistan cricketer and the commentator Ramiz Raja while speaking to the reporters. He also confirmed that all the broadcasters and commentators will undergo tests for Coronavirus in the next couple of hours.

“It is an unfortunate scenario. A good and right decision has been made in the end. The news is coming, you people will know more. Alex Hales has developed some symptoms and the tests are underway. We, the broadcasters and the commentators, are also undergoing tests in the next two hours,” Ramiz was quoted as saying by News99.

PCB CEO hides the player identity

Meanwhile, the PCB has confirmed that the decision to call off (postpone) the PSL was taken after the overseas player, who left Pakistan only a few days ago, showed symptoms of COVID-19. Even as it has been revealed that the player is Alex Hales, the PCB has said that that ‘player’ will undergo screening shortly.

The PCB CEO Wasim Khan too didn’t reveal the identity of the player while addressing the reporters. “A player is potentially suspected now. We can’t reveal the identity of the player. It is private and we won’t take his name,” he said.

When asked about Ramiz Raja’s revelation, Wasim said, “Well, we would like to keep the player’s name private, and we can only tell that he is an overseas player. And he is not in Pakistan at the moment. He has developed the symptoms in the last 24 hours.”