Brad Hogg rates IPL and PSL on a scale of 1 to 10
Brad Hogg. (Photo Source: Twitter)

The Pakistan Super League (PSL) was founded in 2016 by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) with five teams. The initial few seasons of the T20 league was played in the UAE due to security concerns in the country. Slowly but surely, the PCB decided to bring some matches back into the country which started with the knockout games and the final and then holding a part of the tournament in Pakistan as well.

Seeing their favorite Pakistani and international cricketers playing in front of them was a big opportunity and novelty for the cricket starved fans in the Asian country and when it was announced that the whole PSL 5 would be played in the country itself, the whole nation rejoiced. Many international cricketers signed up for the draft after seeing other teams playing international cricket securely in Pakistan.

Though the league is smaller in comparison with the likes of the Indian Premier League and the Big Bash League when it comes to popularity and revenue, it has done well to position itself as one of the best leagues when it comes to cricket quality and other values. The IPL is way ahead when it comes to being popular and bringing in more money than any other T20 league in the world thanks to getting a head start way back in 2008.

Brad Hogg tweets on the differences between IPL and PSL

Former Australia leg-spinner Brad Hogg was asked by a fan to rate the IPL and PSL out of 10 during a Twitter Q&A and the chinaman bowler rated both leagues 9/10. He praised the PSL for bringing cricket back in Pakistan and generating interest for the game once again in the cricket-crazy nation. However, he gave credit to the IPL for being more popular worldwide and having bigger viewership.

“Both 9 out of 10. The PSL has been the most prevalent of late because it has bought the game back to Pakistan. The IPL has the most interest in viewership worldwide,” he answered.

This year’s PSL has been affected by the coronavirus threat as it nears its completion. Over 10 foreign players and coaching staff have left the league midway to return home due to the deadly outbreak, while the league itself has been rescheduled to finish earlier than before.