Most followed T20 leagues on Social Media

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the countries that it is played in. The fans of the sport are on the lookout for any bit of information and news that they can get about their favourite players and teams. And, with the advent of T20 leagues and internet across the globe, the social media engagement of people with the sporting personalities and other people involved with the sport has skyrocketed.

Sporting leagues across the world have made sure that over the years, they maintain a connection with their followers through various social media platforms. They ensure that they are posting regular updates about the players, the teams and other engaging content throughout the year, keeping their fans hooked to their handles.

And, with the world suffering from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, social media has become the new norm of communications of all forms over the last few months.

So, here’s a look at which T20 league has how many followers on social media:

6. Mzansi Super League – 258.70K

The South African T20 tournament, the Mzansi Super League, after its start in 2018 has been gaining more and more fan following every passing edition. Having seen participation from the greats of the South African cricketing circles, the fans from all over the world have shown ample amount of love to the league everywhere, including social media channels.

The organisers of the tournament have made sure that with the help of all the resources they have at their disposal, they make full use of it and deliver to the fans, what would be a really wholesome experience for the fans and followers of the tournament. Cricket South Africa and the other South African greats have made sure that the tournament remains relevant in the social circles of the fans and they are constantly engaged with them on social media platforms.

With most of the fans of the tournament, currently in their homes, for over six months now, due to the coronavirus outbreak, the handles of the tournament across the internet have remained active, sharing glimpses of the past editions of the tournament at regular intervals.

5. T20 Blast, England – 1.12 Million

A league that is still in its formative years, the T20 Blast from England managed to secure the 5th spot in this tightly contested list of the most popular T20 tournaments from across the globe in terms of social media followers. The first edition of the current form of the tournament was played in 2014 and since then year by year, its popularity has been increasing.

Prior to how it is known today, the T20 Blast was called the Twenty20 Cup when it first started off in 2003. And, then it was changed to be called the Friends Provident and after a season as the Friends Life T20 in 2010, before finally coming to be known as what we call it today, the T20 Blast. The tournament has a massive following in England and has gradually risen in popularity in other places, especially after the England national team started doing well in the limited-overs format of cricket, producing global stars like Eoin Morgan and Joe Root.

Alongside the Caribbean Premier League in the West Indies, it’s one of the few active T20 competitions helping the fans cope up with the emotional toll that the cricket fans all across the globe have been going through after the COVID-19 pandemic broke out.

4. Big Bash League – 3.50 Million

The Big Bash League was one of the most popular leagues established after the rise of the Indian Premier League in India. The Australians, have been known to be really avid followers of the sport of cricket, with the fans of the sport of cricket in the country going absolutely berserk in the cricketing season.

After its inaugural season in 2011, the popularity of the tournament has grown immensely, roping in fans from across the globe. One of the major causes for this has been the continued participation of overseas greats like Kevin Pietersen, Brendon McCullum, and the like, who in their days were seldom seen playing franchise cricket rarely apart from being a part of the Indian Premier League.

The league continues to get popularity and love from cricket aficionados from across the globe, and with the 10th season all set to start later this year, the number of followers of the league across social media platforms is expected to go nowhere but up, even surpassing some of its close competitors in this list.

3. Caribbean Premier League – 4.39 Million

Coming from a country that has time and again produced stars of T20 cricket, that is loved across the world, the Caribbean Premier League has managed to get a sizeable number of followers on social media. With numbers as high as 4.39 million in total and still growing every minute, it is very clear that the social media team of the tournament have got their game on point.

The tournament, which was one of the few major leagues played after the COVID-19 pandemic hit the human race, devastating our daily lives, came like a breath of fresh air for the cricket fans, as they could finally see their favourite players on the field, after almost a six-month-long break, which is a long long time in cricket.

As stated earlier, since the fans were not allowed to flock to the stadiums in order to watch the action unfold on the field, as a precautionary measure to curb the spread of the coronavirus, they resorted to social media for getting all their updates. And, the way the Caribbean Premier League handled the entire situation, never letting the fans have a dull moment, is really commendable.

2. Pakistan Super League – 6.14 Million

Following the Indian Premier League in the list of the most number of social media followers is the Pakistan Super League. Started in the year 2016, the league has been one of the only sources for the Pakistani fans to witness their own players and some of the overseas players playing live in their own backyards.

This has led to the league gaining immense popularity among the people in the country and its neighbours in the sub-continent. People of the sub-continent love the sport of cricket so much that it was nothing but natural for the tournament getting such huge number of followers across the social media platforms.

The handles of the tournament on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have been active all through the year posting content that helps the fans relive the memories of the past editions and gets them a regular dose of cricketing action and news relating to their favourite players.

1. Indian Premier League – 28.9 Million

Undoubtedly one of the most popular and the most followed T20 leagues across the globe, the Indian Premier League tops the charts in terms of social media followers beating every other tournament by a huge margin. Being played in a nation with over a billion people living in it and following the sport of cricket like a religion, IPL was bound to have the number of followers it has at the moment.

One of the other major factors that has propelled the numbers for IPL so high is that the tournament sees participation from players of almost every major cricket playing nation. So, the residents and fans of the players from other countries also add up to the mammoth numbers that IPL has.

With the 13th season of the tournament all set to begin from the 19th of September and the fans not being able to go to the cricket grounds to watch live cricket, they would resort to following the league’s happenings on the digital platforms. And, it should surprise no one if the numbers go higher up.